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  • Coral team of PCI DSS consultants combines the rich experience of the last 20 years, thereby giving clients a huge learning advantage.
  • Our PCI DSS consulting services combine industry best practices in scoping, network segmentation, risk assessment, implementation, documentation, and audit of controls leading to a successful PCI DSS certification.
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Start Your PCI DSS Journey Now!

Start Your PCI DSS Journey Now!
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PCI DSS Consulting Engagement Phases
Here is a brief overview of al the phases involves in implementing PCI DSS certification.

Phase I - Scoping

Scoping involves:

  • Understanding the business and the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE)
  • Mapping Data Flows
  • Network Segmentation Readiness
  • Systems in Scope
  • Applicable and Not applicable list of controls

Phase II - Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

Based on the outcome of phase I, a combination of approaches is applied by Coral PCI DSS consultants to conduct the gap analysis.

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses of the applicable requirements
  • System-wise control and configuration checks
  • identify and report system weakness along with detailed recommendations

Phase III - Implementation Support

In this phase, Coral PCI DSS Consultants assist clients in the implementation of the following:

  • Optimization of current configurations such as access, change and patch management requirements
  • Implementation of tools that are identified as gaps
  • Documentation involves sharing and discussing 20+ policies and procedures across domains involving PCI DSS governance starting with asset identification
  • Risks identified in the gap analysis are tracked toward decision-making and closure. Some risks are quick wins, whereas others may take longer to close. - If the gaps are more, this phase can be longer

Phase IV - Internal Audit and Management Review

  • In this phase, Coral PCI DSS Consultants will provide an independent opinion about the successful implementation, with additional recommendations if any.
  • Internal Audit involves verifying the effectiveness of the implemented lifecycle controls through interviews with system verification of applicable controls,
  • A formal report is published for the management team.
  • We facilitate reviews with the management to ensure that the initial PCI DSS control objectives and goals are achieved.


At this stage:

  • As a result of undergoing these phases, Coral has assisted the client in fulfilling all applicable requirements for PCI DSS.
  • Each of the PCI DSS certification requirements has been completed by a combination of one or more configuration, tools, policies, responsibilities, reports, records, technology, and automation.
  • The organization now has a plan that demonstrates its continued commitment like any other business function
  • At this stage, the organization is ready to invite external QSA to certify them to PCI DSS certification

Phase V - PCI DSS QSA Support

The chosen QSA will perform PCI DSS certification in two phases:

  • Stage 1- Interviews
  • Stage 2 – Documentation Review, and
  • Stage 3 - Configuration Reviews

With the above phases completed, the QSA issues the PCI DSS attestation report.

Phase VI - Successful Certification

At this stage you have received successful QSA compliance on PCI DSS.

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