• Imagine a HIPAA consulting organization that can ensure the implementation of all applicable requirements, HIPAA risk assessment, Policy Documentation, employee training, and the establishment of a monitoring program, leading to a successful compliance report within an agreed-upon target time. Does this sound too good to be true? At Coral, this is the passion that every consultant strives to deliver.
  • Our HIPAA compliance methodology is tailored to fit the privacy exposure of your organization, whether you are a covered entity or a business associate.
  • Whether you are a Startup or a seasoned business with operations across the globe, Coral’s methodologies are perfectly designed to help you achieve your HIPAA goals.
  • At Coral, we provide customized solutions for your business needs, whether your applications and network are on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Our team has extensive experience in delivering tailored programs, no matter how complex your requirements are.
  • Our team of experienced consultants prioritizes a personalized approach to guide clients through the HIPAA compliance process.
  • As the frequency of healthcare breaches continues to rise, organizations must adopt a comprehensive healthcare security management program. To stay ahead of the game, Coral's consulting approach emphasizes providing top-notch advice to help establish a continuous program for overseeing healthcare privacy and security.
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HIPAA Consulting Engagement Phases
Here is a brief overview of all the phases involved in implementing HIPAA compliance.

Phase I - Scoping that includes understanding the Business, and ePHI Data Processing

Scoping involves the identification of:

  • Business entities,
  • Identification of epHI and its flow including lifecycle
  • Information systems in scope,
  • Business locations
  • Data Center and Cloud Services Providers
  • Users of ePHI

Phase II -
Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

Based on the outcome of phase I, a combination of approaches is applied by Coral HIPAA security compliance consultants to conduct the gap analysis.

  • Coral consultants will take a deep dive to assess information flow, current assets and infrastructure and their protection methods.
  • A session with each organization team in scope to asses their current scope of work and their controls
  • This helps in the determination of applicable, and the not applicable controls.
  • This helps in determining the state of applicable controls in red, orange and green - determining their current status.
  • Coral HIPAA consultants will advise mitigation methods to address the identified gaps.

Phase III - Control - Design, Documentation, Implementation, Measurement, and Risk Management

  • The implementation journey are based on the number of gaps
  • Implementation involves discussing each gap with the team and advising changes in the short and long-term
  • Coral HIPAA Consultants will help in documenting policies and procedures - that will ensure requirements are addressed and implemented.
  • Each policy documentation or risk undergoes brainstorming with staff to derive at a ‘best-fit’ solution for the organization.

Phase IV -
Training & Brainstorming Sessions

  • Training of staff involved in HIPAA operations is a key factor in successful HIPAA implementation.
  • Depending upon the audience, Coral consultants will deliver a combination of training that includes awareness, risk management and standard interpretation.

Phase V -
Measurement of Controls including Internal Audit

Upon the completion of the implementation phase, Coral performs monthly tests of controls to ensure that designed controls are operating effectively.

  • These tests are conducted across all applicable HIPAA controls that are implemented
  • A formal report is published for the management team for the overall program effectiveness, especially the newly developed and implemented security controls and practices.


At this stage:

  • As a result of undergoing the previous phases, Coral has successfully implemented a HIPAA governance program that includes people, processes, technology and ongoing measurements.
  • Each of the HIPAA requirements has been completed by a combination of one or more of policy, procedures, responsibilities, reports, records, technology, and automation.
  • At this stage, the client defined an annual plan of tasks using which they demonstrate their ongoing commitment
  • At this stage, with all areas of HIPAA compliance being completed, the client can declare itself to be HIPAA compliant.
Security Coverage

HIPAA Rule covers the following key areas

Administrative Safeguards
  • Security Management Process
  • Assigned Security Responsibility
  • Workforce Security
  • Information Access Management
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Security Incident Procedures
  • Contingency Plan
  • Evaluation
  • Business Associate Contracts and Other Arrangements
Physical Safeguards
  • Facility Access Controls
  • Workstation Use
  • Workstation Security
  • Device and Media Controls
Organizational Requirements
  • Business Associate Contracts or Other Arrangements
  • Requirements for Group Health Plans
Technical Safeguards
  • Access Control
  • Audit Controls
  • Integrity
  • Person or Entity Authentication
  • Transmission Security


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