IT Governance

IT governance is the responsibility of executives and the board of directors, and consists of the leadership, organization structures and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives.

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IT Governance COBIT

COBIT 5 implementation in your organization makes business sense if you have the following internal challenges (not exhaustive)!

Key processes include the followings
  • Is the IT strategy aligning with the business strategy?
  • Are we measuring IT’s performance?
  • Can we assure investors and shareholders that a ‘standard of due care’ around mitigating IT risks is being met by the organization?
  • Do we have a framework to meet regulatory requirements for IT controls in areas such as privacy and financial reporting (e.g., the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Basel II) and in specific sectors such as finance, pharmaceutical and healthcare?
  • Is IT likely to achieve its objectives?
  • Is IT resilient enough to learn and adapt?
  • Is IT appropriately recognizing opportunities and acting upon them?
  • Are we obtaining value from IT investments?
  • Are we in control of the selection of service providers and the management of service outsourcing and acquisition?
  • Are we managing the increasingly complex IT-related risks, such as network security?
  • Are we as an enterprise performing against generally accepted standards and our peers (benchmarking)?
What is our approach to COBIT Implementation?

Phase I - Gap Analysis and Strategy Formulation

COBIT gap analysis starts with understanding the business, the business strategy and alignment with IT Strategy.

Phase II - Implementation of Requirements

This phase involves roles and responsibility setting, designing, training and allocating applicable processes to individuals.

Phase III - Measurement of Controls and Processes

This phase involves measuring the designed process through organization transactions. Whether it is a change, new project, new application to be developed, we have 30+ transactions that we measure to ensure that COBIT processes are performing as designed

Phase IV -
Internal Audit

An independent check is performed that the business strategy, IT strategy and applicable COBIT processes are well implemented and operating to fulfill management objectives.

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