Oil and Gas

Associated Industry Sectors

Oil and gas exploration


Business Challenges

Oil and gas sector has high dependency on information systems. Exploration professionals such as geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist -  use information system whose inputs gives the sector valuable input investments decisions.  In addition, protection of core IT infrastructure systems help ensure day to day operational tasks.


How implementation helps?


Business Impact

Business Continuity Management

Core stress is generally focused at communication infrastructure besides personnel, system and infrastructure. Processes so implemented gives stakeholders the necessary assurance that the organisation has risk under control.

(Information) Security Management system

Information or systems that play a crucial role get an organization boost for protection if ISMS processes are implemented. Sensitive research data and its protection in a competitive scenario of investment decisions.

IT Service Management

Systems and networks which play critical role in information and operation delivery are driven by organisation objectives of service delivery.

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